Stucco Surface – Contemporary Style


  • Residence designed to reuse existing concrete foundation with exterior insulation added
  • Passive solar design with Rastra Block (insulating concrete form product using recycled polystyrene packaging in a concrete matrix) system used for all above-grade exterior walls, with directly applied stucco and plaster surfaces
  • Reclaimed and reused steel “bar-joist” framing system used for main floor and roof structures exposed on the interior
  • Recycled and recyclable galvanized steel exterior deck, porch and stairway structures
  • Factory-finished recycled and recyclable steel roofing and trim materials
  • Highly insulated roof-ceiling surface
  • Energy-efficient ground source heat pump system used to provide heating, air-conditioning and hot water
  • Highly energy-efficiency and well sealed metal-clad wood-framed windows and exterior doors
  • Stained and polished thermal mass concrete floors throughout both floor levels
  • Innovative use of metal-stud interior framing in combination with attached glazing system by owner to provide privacy and also allow for use of daylighting throughout main floor spaces
Stucco House Stucco House Stucco House Stucco House Stucco House Stucco House