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Benefits of working with an architect

Working with an architect to design a new home or to remodel an existing one can help save time, money and materials, while increasing the overall quality of the home.

Through training and experience, an architect can suggest many ways in which a home may better reflect the needs and desires of the owners. Trends in housing design over recent decades have produced larger, more expensive but less efficient, and less personal houses. Architects can offer more efficient designs for large homes, and can also demonstrate many ways that a smaller, well designed and less costly home can provide the same or better quality of life than a larger “standard” single family home.

Through careful thought and planning, an architect can design a single space to serve multiple functions, and arrange fewer spaces to provide more privacy for family members. At the same time, a smaller home can seem more spacious and graceful than many larger homes.

Well designed homes can cost less for materials and labor for initial construction. They are less expensive to heat and cool, and typically provide lower costs in overall maintenance.

Working with an architect to design a new home, or remodel an existing one, can increase the quality of the space while lowering the cost of both initial construction and long term maintenance.

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Benefits of a well designed home

  • Increased overall quality of the home
  • Single spaces may serve multiple functions
  • Other spaces may be arranged to provide more privacy for family members
  • Lower cost for construction materials
  • More efficient designs are less expensive to heat and cool
  • Lower overall maintenance costs