Design Process

What We Do

We work closely with our clients to guide them through the process of designing a project from learning the clients needs and desires to the satisfaction of experiencing the finished product.

To get a feeling of the process of working with an architect and designing a building, see the steps listed below.

Representative Steps of a Typical Design Process

Some of these steps or phases may be more important than others for various types of projects. Some of them may not be necessary on every project.

  1. Site selection, orientation and layout for new construction
  2. Analyze individual needs, tastes, lifestyle, goals, and budget
  3. Analyze options for remodeling or expanding an existing building if appropriate
  4. Schematic building layout
  5. Preliminary Design
  6. Coordinate other design professionals and engineers when their expertise is required or desired
  7. Develop and refine the design
  8. Produce Construction Drawings and Specifications to help ensure quality construction within budget
  9. Meetings or Negotiations with Local Planning and Building Codes Officials, Architectural Review Committees or other regulatory agencies
  10. Submit project plans to General Contractors for bids and analyze bids received
  11. Review project throughout the construction process
  12. Advise on particular finishes, appliances or systems for the building