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The architectsteve lane

Steve Lane has over 30 years experience in designing environmentally responsible architecture.

While “taking a break” from architecture school during the late 1960’s, Steve lived for more than a year on an Air Force base in rural South Korea.  While spending as much time as possible visiting in the local culture, Steve quickly became aware of the marked differences between Western lifestyles and the “normal” living experiences of the people there.  Although their lifestyle at that time was likely dictated as much by “economics” as by an idealistic framework, it was obvious that they enjoyed a high quality of life without significant material consumption.  In that rural culture, at that time, literally nothing was wasted.  “Waste” did not exist.  Everything was beneficially reused in some form.

After returning to architecture school in the early 1970’s, Steve combined the lessons learned in that culture with the then prevalent movement in this country toward “organic” and more self-sufficient lifestyles, to form his own philosophy of architectural design.  A direction toward being observant of naturally occurring materials, climate and cycles of life, in order to design structures that are in harmony with their surroundings and the people who live and work within them.  Environmentally responsible design.

What we do

Our office provides Architectural Services on a variety of projects ranging in size and complexity from advice on do-it-yourself projects to designing small office buildings. Our focus, however, is on designing single-family homes.

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Types of projects we design

  • New single-family homes
  • Remodeling
  • Additions
  • Small commercial
  • Multi-family residential

Why we like residential architecture

As human beings, we care deeply about our home environment. It is an intensely personal space, reflecting our tastes, values, lifestyle, and all that is important to us. It is this type of architecture that we find most satisfying—working with individuals, couples and families to create unique and personal homes.

Our office

steve laneOur office is located in historic downtown Lawrence, Kansas. Our address is 211 West 8th Street - across from the Lawrence Fire Station.

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